Active programs on the welcome screen

One of you might face this problem, when the Windows Welcome Screen appears it also reveals how many programs are still active and have been opened by the user the last working session before. How could we get rid the display of active programs?

Edit the counter ‘ProgramCount’ through the registry (Start>Run>type ‘regedit’ and OK)

Search and open the key: ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSessionInformation’

Double click on the value ‘ProgramCount’ and set it to ‘0’.

Prevent the continuous updating by right click on ‘SessionInformation’ and select ‘Permissions’. Click on ‘Advanced’ in the next dialog box and then on ‘Add’. Enter your username and OK.

In the ‘Permissions’ part, check ‘Deny’ for ‘Full Control’. Windows will automatically activates all options. Click OK. Now select ‘Apply’ and confirm it with ‘Yes’.

Exit all dialog box with ‘OK’ and it’s done. No more active programs display on the welcome screeen of your pc.

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